Did you know? The meaning of the fish hook pendant in Hawaii came from the respect Hawaiians have for the ocean, which has provided sustenance and enabled travel. Initially, the fish hook was put to practical use in fishing. It represents strength, prosperity, abundance, and a great respect for the sea. Ancient Hawaiians believed that a bone necklace takes on part of the spirit of those who wear it. The symbolism and value of the fish hook is spread all over the Pacific Ocean cultures. Fish hook jewelry became very popular with surfers, as it also symbolized protection during journeys over water. Fish hook jewelry is available from handcrafted to mass produced made with many different materials. Bone, wood, gold, silver, resin... Whether or not you believe in the spirit of the fish hook, it remains a largely known symbol of beauty, strength, prosperity and safe travels. For you it might just be just a cool kind of necklace.